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Kerana Menfitnah Chef Wan Kena Saman Malu Dengan Menantu

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Wartawan Niezam whatsapp saya dari Utusan M tadi.
" CW dah dapat ke surat saman itu as we all media from Metro to Star semua dah dapat? "
Saya jawab " Yes i have been busy filming my new cookshow from 9am till 10pm daily and tak ada masa nak jumpa my lawyer to seek his advice so i have not talked about this issue yet la"
Tapi since si bangsat tu nak main kotor to tell all the press nak malu kan saya pula
So yes " Bring it on Gavin!".
Kan saya dah terang kan even before Serina nak bercerai dah heboh orang menyebar kan fitnah dan bersanga buruk dgn pelbagai speculation out there.
So rather than more harm and damage is done to our name as a celebrity i better come out and tell the honest truth!
He has warned me and Rina to talked about this divorce in public as dia takut nak buka segala pekung di dada dia!
Apa la nak takut pergi mahkamah tu jika mahu bercerita yg benar.
If he had listened to my advice to begin with about the wife nafkah then non of this would have happened anyway.
To Gavin i have only one thing to say here 
Shaft your ego down yr ass!不
Jika benar saya telah memalu kan beliau by telling the truth and the court advice me to mohon maaf...saya mohon maaf la sebab dia dah pun di malu kan.
Nak tarik kata saya menfitnah dia jauh sekali.
If i have to stand alone to tell the truth about this Nafkah thing let it be.
I have already make my stand.
Let this be also a lesson to all husband out there akan tanggung jawab nafkah terhadap isteri.
And one more thing in the saman letter dont give me that shit defending your right that u had spent such an amount to take your wife to vacation and sending yr kids to school as that is your responsibility as a father.
U screw prostitute also u got to pay ok and what more your wife!
Some men are just so arrogance and stupid they cant tell what if wang nafkah isteri and all the other expenses they have incurred in their marriage.
Your 6 yrs of what u spent on my daughter also u cannot match the amount i have spent for your wedding ok.
So dont talk shit out there!
If the court decided i am guilty and have embarrased him than i pay la....saya bukan bangsat mcm dia.
Tak mampu masuk la jel!
Makan free hari2 lagi!

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