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#MidValley: Rat Found In Well-Known Bakery; Shocks Netizens

Uh oh, a bakery in Mid Valley Megamall is in hot water over their shop’s cleanliness. 

On Sunday (23rd October), a Facebook user known as Melon Roux posted 2 photos of a rat seemingly “snacking” on freshly baked breads in a bakery, allegedly Komugi, a Japanese pastry franchise. The post has since gained over 3,300 shares.
Although Roux did not mention the name of the store, many netizens recognised the design of the window, saying that the bakery in question is in fact, Komugi. She also claimed that after she saw the rat, she told one of the staff about the issue in hopes they will be more alert in the future.
“Their pudding caused me food poisoning during CNY this year, messages them no reply at all until I spam and just offer me a Hanjuku Cheese as compensation. Well done,”commented Jc.
Apparently, Komugi Malaysia replied to the post but deleted the comment shortly after. But thanks to the quick hands of a Facebook user named Wee, everyone can see the screenshot of their reply.
Source: Wee's comment
But what shocked us most is the sentence, “This is a known issue at Mid Valley Megamall”. Are they implying that pests have been contaminating the food we eat at the mall for “some time”?
While we don’t why Komugi Malaysia deleted their comment (most probably due to bad PR play), we hope that they can address the issue as soon as possible.

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