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This Malaysian guy explains why many guys are single

Disclaimer: This post was created for immature audience only. It’s merely to stimulate fun.

After doing some research, thinking but mostly from experiences I’ve come out with a certain guideline aka general rules that girls and young women everywhere should read. Here are the facts:

1. STOP with your fantasy world

Girls, girls, girls, it’s ok to read love novels and books, watch lovey dovey dramas and movies and anything else but for god’s sake those things are NOT practical in real life. This was the No.1 reason for my breakup, my breakup as in she left me =(. Anyways no Ted will bring you the blue French horn or no Prince Charming will come looking for you. You ain’t in Disney World. Please la practical sikit, we guys also tired tau wanna match with those movies. Love is something you don’t create, it happens. Stop dreaming about scenarios you want to be a reality. Get your head back into reality. Don’t expect so much as it will definitely avoid you from having disappointments. If we don’t meet your dreamland expections, then you marah pulak. Like seriously?

2. Enough with the friendzone

You heard right, enoughlah. Enough guys had it with some girls just ditching them for other fuckboys. Even if the guy doesn’t show it out, he really is depressed inside. I know I have. Spent my money, time and what not for her but she tried hard for another guy, a guy which didn’t even care for her. Say wanna a guy like me, eh u think u can buy me in Ikea ah? I’m the one and only guy like me -_-.

3. State your intentions

I can honestly tell you we guys easy wanna kautim. Smile itself enough la, we can already think of a hundred scenarios from dating u, marrying u, having children to you and what not. So if you feel that a guy is approaching you in a way you don’t want, tell him off. Say that you only think of him as a friend. Don’t wait till the last minute for you to say this because by then it would be severe. Never give reasons saying you don’t wanna hurt the guys feelings. It will hurt worst in the future if you don’t do it now!

4. Facebook relationship goals 

Yes girl you! You who keep looking at those and go “Hahhh, I want those”. You can have no problem but really? Sometimes there is limits la. If the guys shower you with too much love, either you’re really outta his league, you’re farking rich or he has an objective with you (you know what I mean). If not, a guy shows love not all the time la. If we don’t show for a while, don’t make conclusions that we don’t love you enough. We to have our studies and jobs to focus and be stressed about. No need to anymore tag us in any relationship goals on Facebook, IG or Twitter, you ain’t getting that, just keep dreaming bout it.

5. A Perfect Guy doesn’t exist

All guys have their holes here and there. Not all guys have six packs, soo much $$ in the bank, expensive car or what not. We are not perfect but we do try our best to keep you happy. We all have our mood swings, temper and of course ego. Do give in too, not all the time the guys must be the one to make things better. We try to be our best for you but the outcome depends on how you take it.

6. If you’re to leave a guy..

Do give him a solid reason why you are doing so. Was he selfish? Cheap? Stupid? Smelly?Whatever the reason do tell him cause he deserves to know. Don’t leave him hanging as why you left. He tried to give you the world but you left without a reason. And leave in the most polite and gentlewoman way possible. Don’t just go “Eh I breaking up with u ah.Kbai”.T his happened to me and I’m still trying to get a grip on this. She gave me one word replies so I didn’t text and she didn’t even bother to text back. After all that I’ve done for her.

7. Money isn’t everything

You know that. I know that. Not everyday we can bring you to T.G.I Fridays or Morganfields. Even at a mamak be grateful cause we are still spending out time for you while having family responsibilities at home. We only can spend what we can afford, not act rich and go broke. Most guys love to see you eat and see you happy. We buy you makeup, handphones, anything to keep you happy. So if at one point we don’t have money, don’t leave just like that. It will really break us apart. You don’t know what we go through to keep you happy.

8. Karma

To the girls who have left a guy hanging or just playing with his heart, you do know karma exist. It will follow you so do think about your actions. Similarly it goes to the guys out there. Breaking a girl’s heart is a big sin. What goes around comes around. For me although the girl I loved cheated me, I always pray the best for her. I don’t want to see her suffer. I loved her and I’ll always wish the best for her although she has given me much heart break. Always question yourself, was what I did wrong? Clear your conscience to get the answer.
I still don’t know whether the term good guys finish last is to be believed, but I do believe is you do the right thing, the right one will come to you. Be yourself and stay true to your significant other. Never try to hurt someone, always try to heal someone. Spread positivity, love and show some compassion for others. I promise it will all pay off one fine day. Stop loving things and using people but instead start loving people and using things.
By: -Karappu Parapu

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