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'Puan Kena Hantar Dia Ke Sekolah Khas, Kita Tak Boleh Terima Dia Di Sini'

Berikut merupakan aduan seorang ibu terhadap sebuah pusat didikan awal swasta di Cyberjaya yang didakwa telah menolak permohonan anaknya yang berusia 3 tahun untuk masuk ke pusat berkenaan setelah menghadiri 'kelas percubaan' selama 3 jam. Beliau juga mendakwa, reaksi yang diberikan oleh tenaga pendidik pusat berkenaan kurang menyenangkan dan hampir membuatkan beliau marah. 

" target="_blank">Nuzul Evana Jasmi

Baca aduan yang dikongsikan oleh Nuzul Evana Jasmi yang disiarkan semalam.

Dear parents, friends and family or whoever this post reaches to. I would like to share my sad/ rude experience in one of the most established "islamic" kindy in Malaysia and that is BRAINYBUNCH ISLAMIC MONTESSORI, CYBERJAYA BRANCH to be exact. 

I was forced to send my son for an "assessment" or "trial class" before enrolling - which actually does not exist then to find my son traumatized from going to school since. Its been almost 2 weeks since the incident and it seems that my diplomatic approach via emails is not taken seriously. Up to date theres on silence from from the top management despite promises to let me review the cctv to see what actually was done to my son n to meet the teachers.


1. Soft approach doesn't do it. Since there is no action/concrete solutions from brainybunch management after my emails: public has to know how bad the management reacts to complaint (at least in my case) 

2. To alert all of you with small kids/ who goes to school/scouting for a school, to pls be VERY VERY CAREFUL to whom you send, no matter how ESTABLISHED or how ISLAMIC the organisation SEEMS TO BE.

Below is the email containing details of what happened (sent to top management of BrainyBunch)

My heart and support goes out to mothers especially with mentally/ physically challenged children. I can never understand you fully but can somehow feel what you are going through to raise your child as best as u can. My doa will be with all of you.

With this i also attach print screens from the original email and messages as proof.



First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Nuzul Evana Jasmi, the mother of Alif Iskandar B. Auni who is curently 3 years old. My husband and i was scouting for a good Islamic school the past several months and we decided to send our son to Brainybunch, Cyberjaya branch to be exact. We were subsequently informed that Alif were to attend a "trial class" on 19th july 2016. The person who told me this was Fareyha (BB cyberjaya manager) via phone message.

With a mountain of enthusiasm, excitement, and hopes, we head to brainybunch cyberjaya and arrived there 5 mins before 9am. 

Well, the much anticipated day of this brainybunch "trial class" has turned out to be the saddest day of my life.

Let me tell you why. I will make this as detailed as possible.

When we first arrived, there seems to be no communication whatsoever between Fareyha and the teachers. No schedule for trial class with name list in it or anything like that. Since Fareyha still hasnt arrive at the school at that time, we had to explained to the teachers what we were there for. After somewhat appears to me to be a last minute arrangements between the teachers, we were told to leave Alif there from 9am and fetch him back at 12pm. At that point, i clearly told the teachers to call me or my husband should the need arise, for example if Alif cries and they cant console him or something likely that as we would be hanging around the area (we also told them exactly that we were going to be around the area) 

Mind you that my son has NEVER been to any schools before (which we have informed them)

(The teachers never did a background check on the child/parents anyways)

Until that point, we were still quite trusting and happy to leave him there. Alif went up the stairs happily, without even looking back at me! To me, that was a good initial signal.

12 pm, 19th July 2016,  We arrived at brainybunch cyberjaya to pick Alif from what suppose to be his unforgettable fun school experience -- only to find that he was SOBBING for god knows how long! 

So i asked him what happened,  Alif instantly told me "nak balik". Okay fine, maybe its a normal reaction for a first timer? i dont know. Husnuzon. Lets ask the school teacher/ aunty what had happened.

So i approached the school teacher and asked what happened. At that point we we sitting at the children's bench beside the shoe rack (there should be a proper setting to deliver an assessment report). Let me tell you what the school teacher and Fareyha (who appears suddenly at that time and did not introduce herself to me until i asked) told us: 

(Please read this section carefully)

Nuzul: "Apa jadi yea?" (calm tone)

Teacher/Fareyha: "Dia ni kacau semua budak2 la puan, dia kacau kacau kacau (3x) semua budak lain, masuk kelas sana, masuk kelas sini, bila kita bagi dia arahan pun dia tak nak ikut puan."

Nuzul: silent. "Sejak bila dia nangis yea?"

Teacher: "Dari lepas makan tadi.."

Nuzul: "Makan pukul berapa?"

Teacher: "Dalam pukul 10.30am."

Nuzul: Talking to myself. Wow, that like 1 and half hours of crying. why didnt they call me? wondering why on earth didnt they call me. but its okay, lets hear the story first.

Teacher: "Dia tak boleh nak dengar cikgu cakap, and bila nak poo poo tu nak basuh dia struggle, and menangis sampai kena panggil 3 org cikgu dari kelas lain tolong saya. Kita tak boleh nak managela hmacam ni puan. Mengganggu sangat." (given up face)

Nuzul: Silent. Trying to digest the situation. "Dia biasa kat rumah dengan maid, mungkin dia tak biasa dengan foreigners/strangers, i think this is normal for a first time school goer?"

Fareyha: Suddenly speaks up, "Tak puan, biasanya kalau budak first time pun tak macam ni. Saya boleh tahu, saya biasa handle budak, biasanya dorang dengar arahan and buat je apa cikgu suruh" 


At this point i was starting to feel a bit uneasy the way they handled this. But it wasnt the bomb yet.

Fareyha: Speaks again, "Anak puan ni memang tak boleh buat ayat panjang-panjang eh?"

Nuzul: Quite shocked at the rudeness of how she throws the question but still maintaning my cool. "Urm, ayat panjang mcm mana ye? boleh bagi contoh tak?"

Fareyha: "Ayat panjang-panjang lah, mcm urm....urmm.... yang saya dengar dia cakap nak air, nak main, ayat pendek-pendek je." (no example of the ayat panjang that she wanted)

Nuzul: Started to feel annoyed. "So awak nak dia borak-borak dengan awak ke? Borak-borak cerita-cerita? Dia baru 3 and half years old ye.."

Fareyha: "Bukanlah borak2, tapi buat ayat panjang2" (no example given again) Mungkin puan boleh bawak dia jumpa specialist untuk diagnosed kalau dia masalah apa-apa. Dulu kita ada case macam ni jugak, anak dia ada something. Macam ni jugalah.

Nuzul: "Case macam mana?"

Fareyha: "Autism ke, sebab mak kadang kadang tak tahu. PUAN KENA HANTAR DIA SEKOLAH KHAS KOT, KITA TAK BOLEH TERIMA DIA KAT SINI."

This was the point that i nearly exploded. BIADAP. Thats the word. It was all NEGATIVE, NEGATIVE, NEGATIVE about Alif. Please dont tell me this is the kind of mentality an educator has. not a single positive thing i heard from them.

How would you feel as a mother/ parents when your normal kid was judged based on 3 hours "trial class" by i dont know what qualification this Farehya has and she has the audacity to tell me that my child is NOT NORMAL and need to be sent to SEKOLAH KHAS??!! WHO IS SHE??!!

For your information, i am a medical doctor and has been working for 6-7 years now with KKM. ILL KNOW if there is something wrong with my kid and im very open to share it with anybody. How dare she!


My son has been assessed by pediatrician/ speech therapist and occupational therapist to make sure he doesnt have anything else other that cleft. (totally standard operational procedure)

For your information, my son has a cleft lip and palate (bahasa melayu cakap sumbing bibir dan lelangit), so physically he has an operation scar above his lips but his can speak (undergoing speech therapy) but he is understandable. 

What u are potreying here Fareyha and the rest of brainybunch teachers are judgement to my kid and laziness/ unwillingness to help when it matters most!! just because u think this kid is a bit difficult to handle (mind u the 1st 3 hours of assessment only). How can u judge a kid in just 3 hours, is it because of his physical appearance?? You guys deny his right to enroll to a kindy just because of that?? Thats how all of you made me feel. And the way you talk to me, Allahuakhbar, please be more respectful. That is not what Islam teaches us. Even as i write i can feel the pain in my heart.
i nearly screamed that this school needs to have a principle but since there's a lot of kids around, i just kept quiet. my husband asked for a properly written report from fareyha which she refuse to give. well this is what she says

"Takde, takde, mcm ni je assessment.. kita tak dapat terima dia kat sini."

Can you tell me, if this happens to your child, will you able to accept it?? well we thanked them anyways and walked off. That was what happened on july the 19th at brainybunch cyberjaya.

The incident that crushed my trust in Islamic Kindergarten. The incident that reminds me of people using Islam just for marketing and to make money. Call me whatever but thats the way u all made me feel right now. 

Just for your knowledge, after we left brainybunch, we went to 2 different "non islamic school" near cyberjaya with the same teacher/ student ratio. and guess what? They accepted Alif instantly! no trial class whatsoever. I can feel the warmness and i felt so welcomed to the school.

Do you know how does that acceptance feel to me at that moment? its like a tight slap on my face as a muslim. i was embarrased, sad that a non muslim "non islamic" kindy with open arms accepted alif when an "islamic" kindy rejected my boy. wow. that was a real eye opener to me. The fact that we lost. we as muslim lost the battle when it comes to courtesy, manners, willingness to take the extra miles to help others when they needed the support most. at least thats what i feel for the day.

As conclusion i am requesting for:

1. An explanation for the "trial class" incident and criteria for acceptance to this "prestigious school" and criteria for rejection.

2. An apology via phone call/ meeting from:

- Fareyha
- The kindergarten teacher who supervised alif that day (who talked to me with fareyha - silly me to forgot her name. pls ask fareyha)
- Mr Fadzil (as the owner of bb cyberjaya branch)

3. to review the CCTV at alif's class from 9am--12pm on 19th july 2016 to know what happened that made him "rejected from the school"

I also INVITE and CHALLENGE all the top management team to MEET ALIF and PROVE to me that he needs to be sent to SEKOLAH KHAS. With this i attached Alif's pediatrician/ speech therapist number for your referrence.

Please revert to me in 3 working days (as promised by nadzri from bb HQ) or i'll make this public. Thank you.

Feel free to share and spread this. ‪#‎JusticeForAlif‬ -

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