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Respon Mamat Israel Isu Gambarnya Viral

Call for awareness!
This photo was taken in Kula Lumpur, Malaysia, where Israelis are forbidden to enter because of their Nationality. Thousands of Israelis travel to Asia every year after their mandatory army service to experience and learn from different cultures. However, Malaysia has decided to completely ban all entry permits for Israeli citizens.

Above me are the Petronas Twin Towers, one of the most popular sights in the center of the Malaysian capital.

As an Israeli, no means try harder and I made it to Malaysia for a day through the other booklet of processed tree I have, a French passport.

Although I do not recommend coming to Malaysia, I did feel the need to take this picture on my 12 hour transit layover to Sri Lanka to raise awareness on the matter.

While several Malaysians support Israel secretly, their government and population continues to allow this ban on travel for Israeli citizens.

If you did not know this please SHARE it so others may be aware of such intolerance.

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